“Musical Director David Butler has masterfully interpreted Dave Malloy’s malleable ... score with grit and slickly rehearsed precision...”

Review of Antipodes Theatre Company’s “Ghost Quartet”
— Owen James, Theatre Press
5-Stars from Theatre People!

5-Stars from Theatre People!

“...musical director David Butler pulls off a miracle with his accompaniment...Butler’s intuitive, highly supportive work results in an impeccable performance of the deceptively fiendish score...”

Review of StageArt’s “Falsettos”.
— Simon Parris: Man in Chair

Tim B.
"David is an exemplary teacher, mentor and performer.  His expertise, knowledge and passion for good vocal technique is cutting edge.  I have found my voice during the past year with him.  I have learned to let go of bad vocal habits and embraced new approaches whilst having fun along the way.  I have increased my confidence as a singer and performer and am singing 100% better than I ever have been.  I highly recommend David if you are searching for a good solid vocal technique and are prepared to work hard because the results are amazing."


Eadie T.
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate the incredible work you have done - I have learnt so much about myself vocally.  Everything I've learnt and tried will stay with me for the rest of my musical career."


Wonderful reviews for StageArt's February 2018 production of "FALSETTOS" directed by Tyran Parke and musically directed by David Butler

Wonderful reviews for StageArt's February 2018 production of "FALSETTOS" directed by Tyran Parke and musically directed by David Butler

Nigel K.
In my view, David Butler is by far the best singing teacher that my daughter Ellise has ever had.  It has been a true journey watching my daughter improve every week.  If you are a singer and need to step it up, I could not recommend David more highly.


Natalie L.
"Thank you for your lessons, your consideration and for being the most fabulous teacher."


“Musical Director David Butler gives a masterful performance...Throughout the two and a half hour show, he never misses a beat with this highly demanding music.”

Review of StageArt’s “Falsettos”.
— Myron My, My Melbourne Arts

Thomas L.
"Since having lessons with David the change in my voice is quite remarkable.  His warm-up routine at the start of every lesson and specific exercises have extended my range and made it comfortable for me to sing in different registers.  Working bar by bar, David cleans each section of my repertoire meticulously but we get through a lot. I'm very happy with my progress in the time I have had lessons with David."


Bronte. R.T.

"...You've been such a patient teacher.  I've learnt so much, and my voice has developed so much this past year."


Erin K.
“My first lesson with David was fabulous. I was quite nervous, but he completely put me at ease and we laughed our way through the lesson. Not only did I have a lot of fun, I noticed improvements in my singing right away, which is outstanding. I feel really confident that I’m going to get exactly what I’m looking for out of the lessons.”


“The show is worth a visit for the music alone. Musical Director David Butler has guided the small cast of eight through a score that would give composer Stephen Sondheim a run for his money. I cannot emphasise this enough - the complicated music is executed with beautiful perfection...Treat your ears to unfaltering vocals and note-perfect piano from Butler himself.”

Review of StageArt’s “Falsettos”.
— Owen James, Theatre Press

Josh T.
"Just six months ago, if there were just one word I could use to describe my voice, it was 'confused'. I had been through 18 months of voice training but felt my voice was in quite a bad place; frustrated I went searching for someone to give me their honest professional advise (hard love) that I needed to hear - that's when I was referred to David.

From the very first moment I met with David he made me feel very at ease; one of the things I remember vividly was that he treated me like an individual - getting to know every aspect of me and my voice. For the first time I felt like someone was listening to me - working with me. There is never any judgement, but rather encouragement to use our lessons to express concerns freely and openly in a relaxed and fun environment.  In my time with David he has not only completely turned my voice around, but has finally given me the confidence in myself to strive towards achieving my goals and aspirations.

One of the most valuable attributes of David, is his ability to problem solve obstacles with the voice.  He will tackle issues from multiple angles using various exercises to directly address the issue and ensure I am able to identify problems myself."